Process Development and Scale-up

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Liposomes have been functionalized, modified, and studied to meet the specific needs of drug delivery. Various chemicals, drugs, proteins, RNA/DNA can be encapsulated in liposomes. However, the difficulty in translating the research from a laboratory to clinical settings limits the applications as an effective drug delivery technology for disease treatment.

By conducting scalable process research and development, researchers in the BOC Sciences support manufacturers to perform material validation and process expansion and development.

Today, the liposome research has increased greatly in laboratories. However, because of their exposure to mechanical and/or chemical stress, many methods used in the laboratory have serious limitations in capturing sensitive molecules.

BOC Sciences researchers can

  • Develop scalable manufacturing processes
  • Develop analytical methods and quality control procedures
  • Prepare technology transfer package
  • Prepare well-characterized materials for industrial evaluation

BOC Sciences has extensive experience in supporting the development of liposome formulations. In addition to process scale-up research and analysis, we are happy to provide you with other products and services based on liposome technology. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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