PEGylated Liposomes

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BOC Sciences provides customize PEGylated liposome formulation development service for encapsulation and delivery of various types of drugs, including formulation design, drug packaging services, and product characterization.

Advantages of PEGylated Liposomes

PEGylation is considered to be an effective method to increase the stability and prolong the circulation time of liposomes in the body.

  • Liposomal formulations can be stabilized by avoiding aggregation
  • Prolong cycle time by inhibiting MPS intake
  • Prevent interactions between liposomes and macrophages

Schematic diagram of PEGylation liposome structure Figure 1: Schematic diagram of PEGylation liposome structure.

Types of PEGylated Liposomes

Ratio of PEG-Lipid Coverage Rate Form
< 5%< 100%Mushroom-like
5-15%about 100%Mushroom-like or brush-like
> 15%about 100%Brush-like

Generally, liposomes with brush-like coverage have a more stable space barrier and longer circulation time.

How We Do?

  • Formulation design/preparation
  • According to customers’ needs, we will design and optimize the appropriate PEG-lipid ratio, vesicle size and surface charge to customize the PEGylation liposome design.

  • Encapsulation
  • We optimize protocol to guarantee high encapsulation efficiency when encapsulating drug molecules into liposomes.

    We can help design suitable drug molecules. If you have an existing candidate, we can provide liposome encapsulation service and help preparing loaded-liposomes.

  • Analysis and characterization
  • We can provide comprehensive analysis and measurement methods before and after the encapsulation, including liposome size, dispersion, zeta potential, stability, encapsulation rate, and release rate.

PEGylation Methods

  • Pre-insertion method - Adding PEG lipids to the lipid composition before liposome formation
  • Post-insertion method - Mixing PEG lipid with liposome dispersion

Schematic diagram of PEGylation liposome structure Figure 2: Scheme of PEGylated lipoplex preparation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Advanced technology platform
  • Experienced experts
  • Strict QA and QC
  • Free design
  • 24hr delivery
  • Competitive price

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