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Liposomes are important candidates for improving drug delivery systems. Based on our comprehensive liposome platform, BOC Sciences utilizes multiple technologies for liposome encapsulation of your multiple drugs.

Methods to Encapsulate Drugs into Liposomes

  • Passive load

    Liposomes are formed simultaneously with drug loading.

    • Influencing factors

    Drug solubility, vesicle size, lipid concentration, and preparation procedures.

  • Active load
  • In active loading, liposomes containing transmembrane gradients are generated, i.e. the aqueous phase inside and outside the liposome are different. Subsequently, the amphiphilic drug dissolved in the external aqueous phase can penetrate into the entire phospholipid bilayer and then interact with the captured agent to lock the drug inside the liposome.

The two major methods for liposomal drug loading Figure 1: The two major methods for liposomal drug loading (Griffin Pauli. 2019).

What We Provide?

Based on our advanced liposome platform, we can provide customized encapsulation services to help encapsulate different types of active drugs into suitable liposomes. We guarantee high encapsulation efficiency without changing the stability and effectiveness of the drugs.

How We Do?

  • Encapsulation of hydrophilic drugs
  • Encapsulation of hydrophilic drugs results in hydration of the lipid-hydrophilic drug mixture. This way, the drug can enter the liposome core while other substances remain outside the liposome. The remaining material will eliminate the drug's encapsulation in the liposome. To purify drugs and residual foreign matters, gel filtration column chromatography and dialysis are used.

  • Encapsulation of hydrophobic drugs
  • The phospholipid bilayer of liposomes is the area of hydrophobic drug encapsulation. By capturing such drugs, the drug movement to the external aqueous phase and inside the liposome will be reduced. These drugs are encapsulated by dissolving them in organic solvents and phospholipids.

We use different liposomes based on your drug molecule to ensure the best encapsulation results. In addition, the effects of different delivery routes (topical, oral, pulmonary, or parenteral) on encapsulation preparations need to be considered during liposome preparation/encapsulation.

We also provide encapsulation efficiency testing services for your existing liposome drugs. If you have any question and requirement, please feel free to contact us.


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