Liposome Drug Stability Measurement

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Stability testing is used to determine the expiration date and storage conditions of a drug. With rich experience and advanced technology platforms accumulated in the field of liposome research and development, BOC Sciences can provide services to characterize the stability of your liposome products.

Why to Analyze Liposome Stability?

Liposomes have been extensively studied for drug delivery, drug targeting, controlled release, and increased solubility. However, the issue of instability has limited its application in drug delivery systems. Therefore, liposome stability test using effective and reliable research techniques is important.

Factors Affecting the Stability of Liposome Drugs

The stability of liposomes can be subdivided into interrelated physical, chemical, and biological stability. In general, the shelf-life stability of liposomes depends on physical and chemical stability (uniformity in size distribution and encapsulation efficiency and minimal degradation of all compounds).

  • Physical factors
  • Liposomes stability is affected by many factors, such as size and integrity, the amount of charge, and unsaturated fatty acid groups. Defects in the lattice structure can lead to liposome fusion, aggregation, and leakage of contained drugs during storage. Therefore, the stability test should include the change in particle size, zeta potential, and integrity.

  • Chemical factors
  • Chemical stability is affected by the liposome preparation process and the storage conditions such as pH, temperature, oxygen, and light. Phospholipid oxidation and hydrolysis, phospholipid denaturation, leaks, and toxicity fundamentally cause liposome instability.

  • Biological factors
  • Proteins, degrading enzymes, immune system, and even blood flow in the body can interrupt liposome stability. In vivo and in vitro evaluation of liposome biological factors is important for the preparation and optimization of liposomes, and even more during clinical applications.

Workflow of Liposome drug stability measurement

  • Advisory
  • Stability measurement methods design
  • Physical/chemical biological factors analysis
  • Data reading
  • Reports delivery

BOC Sciences has established a complete set of liposome stability analysis methods based on our accumulated long-term experience in liposome experimental research. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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