Liposomal Formulation Development

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We provide services for liposome formulations development for various pharmaceutical active ingredients such as oligonucleotides, small molecules, proteins, and vaccine antigens, to meet the growing outsourcing requirements of pharmaceutical/biotechnology, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements industry for formulation development.

Liposomal Formulation Development

What Are Liposomes?

Liposomes are spherical vesicles with internal cavities and composed of one or more phospholipid bilayers. Their structural components are phospholipids or synthetic amphiphilic combined with cholesterol and other sterols, which can affect membrane permeability. Liposomes can encapsulate hydrophilic or lipophilic molecules. Their applications are now well established in various fields such as medicine, biomolecules, and gene delivery, and have been studied as DDS (drug delivery system) to enhance treatment safety and efficacy of the agent.

Particle Type CompositionActive Ingredients
Conventional liposomesNeutral and or negatively charged phospholipids CholesterolNucleic acid
Peptides and proteins
Small molecules
Imaging contrast agents
Cationic liposomesCationic lipidsNucleic acid(mainly)
Nucleic acid lipid nanoparticles (LNPs)Hybrid particles made of lipids and polymersNucleic acid
Peptides and proteins
PH sensitive liposomesPhospholipids such as Phosphatidylethanolamine, Dioleoyl phosphatidylethanolamine with either CHEMS1or OA2
Magnetic liposomesPhosphatidyl choline Cholesterol small amounts of a linear chain aldehyde Colloidal particles of magnetic iron oxideNucleic acid
Peptides and proteins
Small molecules
Imaging contrast agents
Thermally sensitive liposomes (TSLs)DPPC, MSPC have been used in the preparation of liposomes to develop temperature-dependent releases
Polymer NPsPoly-lactides (e.g. PLGA)
Block copolymers (e.g. PEG-b-PLGA)  Polysaccharides (e.g. chitosan, cellulose)
Small molecules
Imaging contrast agents
Organic/Inorganic NPsLipids
Noble metal NPs
Rare earth metals
III-V semiconductors
Imaging contrast agents

Development Process of Liposomal Formulation

  • Provide free technical advice on liposomes, and assistance in liposome design
  • Custom lipid synthesis for your formula
  • Make custom liposome formulations to meet your specifications

Our Liposome Formulation Capabilities

BOC Sciences is your ideal partner for developing liposome products. We have many years of experience in providing our customers with complex liposome formulations with nucleic acids, proteins, peptides, and small molecules. Our experience with liposomes includes:

  • Sterile or final disinfection (TS)
  • Liposomal design and synthesis
    • Extrusion manufacturing
    • Batch manufacturing
  • Freeze-drying cycle optimization
  • Improvements to existing formulas

Why Choose Us?

  • Formulations of many types of pharmaceutical compounds (siRNA, mRNA, DNA,proteins and peptides, small molecules, antigen, etc.)
  • Short processing time - One-step preparation using automated equipment
  • No cross-contamination - Liposomes are produced in disposable autoclaves
  • Expertise and experienced with hundreds of successful lipid nanoparticle drug development projects
  • Efficient service delivery
  • Provide final report detailing the liposomes formulation design and synthesis

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