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At BOC Sciences, we offer comprehensive liposome encapsulation services for oligonucleotides. By utilizing state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, encapsulated liposomes are thoroughly characterized to assess key parameters such as size, encapsulation efficiency, release kinetics and stability. In addition to providing encapsulation services for oligonucleotides, we also provide liposome preparation as well as characterization of liposomes to ensure consistent, high quality liposomes.

Liposome encapsulated Oligonucleotide services

Pretreatment Services for Encapsulated Oligonucleotides

(1) Oligonucleotide purification
Oligonucleotides produce impurities during the preparation process, so they need to be purified for subsequent operations.

(2) Concentration and solubilization of oligonucleotides
Oligonucleotides are usually in the form of solution before encapsulation, but the concentration of the solution and the composition of the dissolution solution need to be adjusted during the encapsulation process. Selection of a suitable dissolution solution can improve the encapsulation efficiency of oligonucleotides in liposomes.

(3) Adjustment of ionic balance
Since the encapsulation process will involve interactions between the charges of liposomes and oligonucleotides, it is necessary to adjust the ionic balance by adding the appropriate amount of substances, which in turn promotes the encapsulation of oligonucleotides in liposomes.

(4) Adjustment of pH value
Encapsulation of oligonucleotides needs to be within a specific pH range, so the pH is adjusted according to the characteristics of the encapsulated oligonucleotide to ensure the efficiency of encapsulation.

Oligonucleotide Encapsulation Services from BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences provides customized liposome encapsulation services for oligonucleotides, including formulation design, encapsulation process optimization, and analytical method development according to customer specifications. We are committed to providing our customers with optimal solutions to meet their research and development needs.

  • What are the types of encapsulated oligonucleotides?

Short nucleotide polymers (SNP)
Aptamer oligonucleotides
Antisense oligonucleotides (ASO)

  • Encapsulation of Oligonucleotides

BOC Sciences dopes oligonucleotides into pre-formed liposomes by passive encapsulation, active loading or complexation. These techniques ensure optimal encapsulation efficiency and stability of the loaded oligonucleotides.

  • Evaluation of Liposomes for Encapsulation of Oligonucleotides

BOC Sciences utilizes analytical techniques such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gel electrophoresis to assess the integrity and purity of the encapsulated oligonucleotides to ensure a consistent and reproducible encapsulation process. In addition, rigorous stability assessment methods are utilized to ensure the stability of the encapsulated oligonucleotides through stability tests performed under a variety of conditions. After stability testing, the release profile of the encapsulated oligonucleotides over time is also monitored to achieve precise control of the release rate.

Characteristics of Oligonucleotides Encapsulated in Liposomes

  • Increased Cellular Uptake

Encapsulation of oligonucleotides in liposomes significantly enhances their cellular uptake. Liposomes can fuse with cell membranes, facilitating efficient translocation of encapsulated oligonucleotides into target cells. This increased cellular uptake ensures a higher intracellular concentration of the therapeutic agent, resulting in improved therapeutic efficacy.

  • Targeted Delivery

Liposome encapsulation enables targeted delivery of oligonucleotides to specific tissues or cells. Functionalization of the liposome surface with ligands or antibodies facilitates site-specific binding and uptake by target cells. This active targeting approach ensures effective delivery to the intended site, reduces systemic toxicity and improves therapeutic index.

If you have any questions or some specific requirements regarding the encapsulation of oligonucleotides, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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