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BOC Sciences employs the most recent advancements in biotechnology and nanotechnology to customize magnetic sensitive liposome solutions that fulfill our clients' distinctive demands. Our team's extensive expertise allows us to spearhead pioneering solutions, resulting in exceptional products and services. Our magnetic sensitive liposomes possess state-of-the-art drug delivery and release capabilities, making them optimal for diverse applications such as disease treatment, drug administration, and cell detection. We offer comprehensive support for all aspects of our customers' requirements all in one convenient location.

Overview of Magnetic Sensitive Liposomes

  • What are Magnetic Sensitive Liposomes

Magnetic sensitive liposome is a targeted drug delivery system that makes liposomes magnetically sensitive by adding iron oxide nanoparticles. It allows precise targeting of drugs to the lesion area by an external magnetic field or a magnetic localizer, thus improving the therapeutic effect of the drug.

  • Preparation of Magnetic Sensitive Liposomes

Commonly, magnetic liposomes are formed through the self-assembly method which combines magnetic nanoparticles with liposomes. Nevertheless, incorporating chemical cross-linking and ultrasonic radiation techniques can enhance the efficacy of this process.

  • Application of Magnetic Sensitive Liposomes

Magnetic-sensitive liposomes have promising applications in fields such as tumor and heart diseases. For example, magnetic sensitive liposomes can transport chemotherapeutic drugs to tumor sites precisely, reducing damage to normal cells and improving therapeutic effects. Meanwhile, in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, magnetic sensitive liposomes can also provide better clinical support by precisely locating drugs and avoiding drug wastage.

Custom Magnetic Sensitive Liposome Service Details

  1. Liposome Preparation - Our team designs and creates customized liposomes in different variations, sizes, and surface modifications to fulfill the specific needs of our clients.
  2. Surface Modification - We use surface-modifying agents like degradable polymers, polyethylene glycol (PEG), etc., to enhance drug delivery and optical stability of the liposomes as requested by our clients.
  3. Magnetic Field Application - With the assistance of specific magnetic fields, we enable the directed transportation or release of magnet-sensitive liposomes in vivo apart from other related applications.
  4. Drug Encapsulation - We encapsulate drugs into magnetic-sensitive liposomes to achieve efficient drug delivery for the targeted area, and magnetic fields regulate drug release and penetration.
  5. Testing and Evaluation - Our team performs product testing and evaluation through a set of programs designed according to our clients' requirements. The performance, curative effects, test results, and reports of magnet-sensitive liposomes are meticulously examined and provided.

Custom Photoresponsive Liposome Service

Why Choose BOC Sciences' Magnetic Sensitive Liposomes

  1. Our professional team offers efficient and high-quality custom magnetic sensitive liposome services.
  2. We can customize the design to suit various research requirements as specified by our customers.
  3. With great flexibility, we can fulfill custom magnetic sensitive liposome services in different scales, from small pilot to large-scale production, based on customers' needs.
  4. Our products are of reliable quality accredited to the use of top-notch raw materials and advanced production technology.
  5. We ensure swift delivery of customized services to cater to our customers' needs.
  6. Our customer-centric approach ensures excellent customer service and technical support to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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