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At BOC Sciences, we develop and produce liposome products for scientific and technical applications.

We are able to design a variety of liposome products containing the most complex compounds. Our scientists can customize liposomes of any size and concentration in any volume to meet your different needs. We have the capability to conduct the entire proposal from liposome design to PK modeling.


Different Techniques for Liposome Preparation

  • Bulk Methods

The first group includes methods based on swelling of the pre-dried pre-tissue lipid membranes (i.e. fluid replacement methods).

The second group includes the following methods:

  1. A co-solvent in which lipids are soluble
  2. Other "amphiphiles" forming non-double layers
  3. Specific ionic substances that affect the aggregation of lipid supramolecules
  • Microfluidic Methods

    Microfluidic methods for the production of liposomes include:

    • Electroformation and hydration
    • Extrusion
    • Pulse spray
    • Dual emulsion templating
    • Ice drop hydration
    • Transient film spray
    • Droplet emulsion transfer
    • Hydrodynamic focusing

Our Featured Services

  • Custom liposome synthesis

BOC Sciences uses microfluidics technology to provide you with a wide range of high-quality liposome products.

Schematic of the liposome formation process. Panel A shows a schematic representation of a microfluidic device; Panel B shows a schematic representation of the ethanol injection procedure. Figure 1: Schematic of the liposome formation process. Panel A shows a schematic of a microfluidic device; Panel B shows a schematic of the ethanol injection procedure.

Advantages of Using Microfluidics

Microfluidic technology can improve the production control of the physical properties of lipids/liposomes, especially in terms of small average size, narrow size distribution, and lamellarity.

High monodispersityProvide a method for producing liposomes with a uniform size.
Rapid research and technical optimizationParameters such as flow rate, droplet size, temperature, mixing parameters, surface properties and order of addition can be changed easily.
Directly expand production scaleThe results and experimental conditions determined during the research and analysis process can be effectively scaled up to achieve mass production.

Our Advantages

  • Unique manufacturing process
  • Innovative experimental design
  • Reproducibility
  • High accuracy
  • Verifiable
  • Shorter turnaround time
  • Competitive price

In addition to customized liposome services, BOC Sciences provides breakthrough liposome research services, including extensive formulation development, liposome product characterization, and liposome encapsulation. We provide the highest quality services and products for scientific research in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and academic institutions at the lowest prices.


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