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Liposomes as Active Ingredient Carriers in the Cosmetics Field

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Conventional Cosmetics vs. Functional Cosmetics with Liposomes

Unlike conventional cosmetics, functional cosmetics containing liposomes allow active ingredients to penetrate as far as possible into the deeper cells of the skin, allowing them to nourish, protect and heal tissues and cells for a longer period.

Liposomes and Cosmetics

As a carrier of active ingredients in cosmetics, liposomes have multiple effects, such as strong antioxidant function, acting on melanocytes deep in the skin, thus effectively reducing skin pigmentation and enhancing the whitening and anti-wrinkle effect of cosmetics. In addition, it can penetrate deep into the skin, and the active ingredients can be deposited in the epidermis and dermis for a longer period and form a reservoir of nutrients, which can play a direct and lasting role inside and outside the cells, thus playing a certain role in beauty care for the skin (moistening, wrinkle removal, antioxidant, freckle elimination, acne prevention).

Liposomes have certain protective and slow-release effects and can effectively protect unstable active ingredients in cosmetics, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and superoxide dismutase (SOD). In addition, the slow-release effect of liposomes prolongs the duration of the action of nutrients, thus improving the effect of cosmetics.

Due to the amphiphilic nature of liposomes and human-like biofilm, the active ingredients in liposome-encapsulated cosmetics can be absorbed more directly and efficiently by the body.

In addition, liposomes themselves possess strong skincare effects. When applied to the skin, phospholipids are lightly bonded to keratin, forming a film that makes the skin surface oleophilic, giving the skin a more comfortable and natural feel; this oily film not only makes it harder to lose moisture on the skin, but its slight sealing effect blocks external pollutants from damaging the skin; the combination of phospholipids and keratin is The combination of phospholipids and keratin is a strong interaction, which has a longer duration of action, unlike ordinary wetting agents.

Skin penetration behavior of liposomes.Fig. 1 Skin penetration behavior of liposomes. (Lohani A, 2017)

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