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BOC Sciences provides various types of QDs-Liposome for our customers. All liposomes are prepared under sterile conditions.

Quantum Dots

Quantum dots are semiconductor nanostructures that bind excitons in three spatial directions. Sometimes referred to as artificial atoms, superlattices, superatoms or quantum dot atoms, this is a new concept introduced in the 1990s. Quantum dots are considered to be one of the most promising nanostructures for in vitro diagnostic applications. Due to their bright fluorescence, narrow emission, broad excitation and high photostability, they are considered ideal candidates as fluorescent probes for long-term imaging to track whole cells or intracellular biomolecules.

Characteristics of Quantum Dot Materials

  • Quantum-limited field effect
  • Surface effect
  • Macroscopic quantum tunneling effect
  • Dielectric limit field effect
  • Coulomb blocking effect


Liposomes are greatly utilized in the process of improving the performance of quantum dots. Liposomes loaded with quantum dots are mainly distributed in tumors, liver and spleen. They can be removed by the mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS).

Advantages of QDs-Liposome

  • Quantum dot liposomal nanomaterials improve the biocompatibility of quantum dots
  • Quantum dot liposomal nanomaterials reduce their original biological toxicity
  • Quantum dot liposome nanomaterials greatly improve the targeting of liposomes to tumor cells
  • Quantum dot liposome nanomaterials enhance the uptake of living cells
  • High fluorescence efficiency, stability and size tunability of quantum dots are retained
  • Particularly suitable for prolonged testing and intra-organismal transport

QDs-loaded fusogenic liposomes Fig. 1 QDs-loaded fusogenic liposomes (Matos ALL, 2017)


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