PEGylated Lipids

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BOC Sciences has specialized solutions for the preparation and characterization of PEGylated lipids. We provide a wide range of PEG-lipid derivatives.


Liposome is an ideal drug delivery technology. It has the advantages of targeting, longer blood retention time and higher organ distribution selectivity, which can improve the efficacy of drugs and reduce the toxic reaction, thus it has become a research hotspot of pharmaceutical preparations.

PEGylated Lipids

PEG lipids, also known as PEGylated lipids, are a class of PEG derivatives linked to lipid fractions such as DMG or DSPE. PEGylation solves the above shortcomings of liposomes.

Chemical structure of PEGylated lipids Fig. 1 Chemical structure of PEGylated lipids (Wyszynski B, 2007)


Polyethylene glycol (PEG), also called PEO or POE, is an oligomer or polymer of ethylene oxide. PEG has the following advantages:

PEG modification, or PEGylation, is the chemical conjugation of activated PEG to a protein or peptide molecule by covalent bonding. 

Advantages of PEGylated Lipids

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