Magnetic Liposomes

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BOC Sciences provides various types of magnetic Liposomes for our customers. All liposomes are prepared under sterile conditions.


Magnetic Liposomes

Liposomes are micron-sized spherical particles formed by phospholipid molecules dispersed in water. They are amphiphilic structures that consist of hydrophilic inner layers and lipophilic outer layers, and this bilayer tunability is used to meet the carrying and releasing functions of drug carriers. Furthermore, phospholipid molecules reserved good biocompatibility. Therefore, liposomes are widely used in drug delivery and other fields, although limitations are applied to specific applications due to poor targeting distributions.

Magnetic Liposomes (Magnetic nanoparticle-incorporated liposomes) are magnetic carrier materials incorporated into liposomes. As a novel drug-guided carrier in a magnetic drug targeting system, magnetic Liposomes can encapsulate 103-104 drug molecules and Fe3O4 molecules, resulting in both magneto-fluidic properties and liposomal function. The outer carrier liposomes of this magnetic drug targeting carrier consist of natural phospholipids and cholesterol, which are not harmful to the body, while the inner carrier can be safely excreted from the body.

Structure of magnetic liposome Fig. 1 Structure of magnetic liposome (Ahmad M, 2013)


  • PEGylated Magnetic Liposomes

PEG reserved irreplaceable advantages for liposome modification due to its low toxicity, non-antigenicity, good amphiphilicity and biocompatibility approved by the FDA. PEG modification consists of targeting properties that can prolong the half-life of magnetic liposomes, improve stability in circulation, and alter biological distributions of magnetic liposomes.

  • Non-PEGylated Magnetic Liposomes

When entering human bodies, Non-PEGylated Magnetic Liposomes can guide targeted drug delivery by using the in vitro magnetic field effect for directional movement and positioning concentration, making it more targeted, specific, accurate, and rapid for diagnosis and treatment, achieving high efficiency, immediate effect, and low toxicity.

Magnetic Liposome Preparation

  • Magnetic liposome composition

Magnetic materials (elementary substances, alloys, oxides, mixed magnetic materials), lipids, and drug contents.

  • Magnetic liposome preparation method

Massart hydrolysis or titration hydrolysis

Major Advantages

  • Good biocompatibility, intensive tissue penetration, and extended in vivo circulation period.
  • With the assistance of liposomes, magnetic materials efficiently pass through cell membranes and fuse with endosomal membranes to achieve gene transfection.
  • Reduction of adverse effects magnetic materials brings to organisms.
  • Under the magnetic field, magnetic materials upregulate the probability of gene contact with cell membranes and the rate of cytokinesis, thus enhancing material transfection efficiency.


  • Targeted effects
  • Targeted vascular gene therapy
  • Thermochemotherapy effect
  • MRI contrast agent


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