Anionic Liposomes

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BOC Sciences has developed various kinds of anionic liposomes for drug or gene delivery research. All liposomes are prepared under sterile conditions.


Compared with cationic liposomes, anionic liposomes have many characteristics. Anionic liposomes show greater stability in solution. Compared with neutrally charged liposomes, anionic liposomes have a lower degree of aggregation. Compared with cations, the endocytosis of anionic liposomes is enhanced. In addition, two FDA-approved drugs that use a negatively charged non-liposomal delivery method include-Restasis (Allergan, used to treat chronic dry eye) and Durezol (Alcon, used to treat eye inflammation). These drugs facilitate the utilization of negatively charged liposome carriers to enhance drug delivery.

Anionic Liposomes We Provided:

The structure of DOPG and DOPS molecule, with an anionic headgroup Figure 1: The structure of DOPG and DOPS molecule, with an anionic headgroup.

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Anionic liposomes can be used for blood complement research and various types of in vitro research.


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