DSPC:Chol:DSPS:PEG2000-DSPE (60:30:5:5)

Catalog NumberBL-000003
DescriptionStudies have shown that the sterically stable hydrophilic polymer polyethylene glycol (PEG) is the best choice for obtaining sterically stable liposomes. The combination of anionic liposomes and PEG can significantly improve the stability of liposomes and increase their circulation time in the blood, while protecting liposomes from the effects of circulating proteins, thereby improving their plasma clearance and enhancing their treatment effect.
AppearanceWhite lyophilized powder. After adding water to form liposome, it is white translucent liquid.
StorageFreeze-dried liposomes should be kept at -40°C or -80°C
ShippingShipped on dry ice
DetailsProvide trehalose as a lyoprotectant. When water is added to liposomes, liposomes are formed.
Liposome ConcentrationMolar ratio 60:30:5:5
Mean Particle Size100nm
BufferThe default is freeze-dried phosphate-buffered saline. According to your needs, provide other buffers or deionized water.

※ Please be kindly noted products are not for therapeutic use. We do not sell to patients.

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